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Comparing satellite and cable television service makes it clear that you have more options with satellite TV. Only DIRECTV gives you access to up to 170 full-time high-definition channels. All of DIRECTV’s services are backed by outstanding customer service, having been given top honors from the 2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index. You're sure to get better service with satellite so choose DIRECTV, the country's number one satellite television service.

Trek through an entire world of entertainment you have never seen with cable TV by jumping to DIRECTV. Take pleasure in the convenience of recording, pausing and rewinding your favorite movies on any television in your house with just one DVR and Whole-Home DVR. Assemble an entirely custom package by adding your favorite premium sports and movie packages to ensure that your family members never argue over what to watch. With DIRECTV, you call the shots when it comes to programming options and entertainment capabilities.

The Best Des Moines Cable TV Channels and More - Only from DIRECTV

Channel surfing is hard when there’s something entertaining offered on every single DIRECTV channel. With DIRECTV, you will have more HD channels than cable TV or other satellite TV providers have to deliver so you can enjoy non-stop programming. If you happen to be looking to check out extraordinary societies across the globe or observe the distinctive phenomenon of reality television, DIRECTV provides packages to fit your tastes. Call today to get started. Your family will receive countless hours of entertainment with DIRECTV.

When you have DIRECTV you can get access to tons of films that cable TV cannot deliver. If you're sick and tired of having to pay excessive rates for tickets, then you’ll be very happy to know that you can get started with all of your preferred movie channels with many DIRECTVr packages. Pop some popcorn and treat yourself to a night in as you watch a cheerful romantic comedy, a mind-bending drama or an action picture from the best seat in your house. You'll transform your TV room into a center for entertainment when you sign up for DIRECTV.

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